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Northfield Mount Hermon School began as two schools: the Northfield Seminary for Young Ladies, which opened in 1879, and the Mount Hermon School for Boy's, which opened in 1881. Both schools were founded by Dwight L. Moody, who wanted to provide a first-rate secondary education for young people regardless of race, religion, or economic circumstances. In 1971, the schools became a single coeducational institution with one faculty, one administration, and two coed campuses.Northfield Mount Hermon School (NMH) offers a unique educational program, diverse and talented people, a values-oriented experience, and extensive resources. Focus, individual attention, values, and opportunity are at the c..... more

School Overview:

County Franklin County, MA
Program Name Northfield Mount Hermon Summer Session
Program Type Academic credit and enrichment
Number of Students 250 students
Student Body Type Coeducational
Grades 7 - 13
Ages Accepted Age 12 - Age 18
First Session Start Date June 30
First Session End Date August 4
First Program Weeks 5 weeks
Program Director Gregory T. Leeds
Campus Area 1100 acres
Founding Year 1879
Application Date 6/1/2023
% Faculty with Advanced Degree 25%
College Credit Courses Offered Yes
Teacher:Student Ratio 13%
Tution Cost $6700
Summer School Type Residential

School Notes:

  • NMH has held a summer study term since 1900, and in 1960 the school opened its summer program to students who were not already enrolled at NMH. The modern summer school has been serving students from all over the world for over fifty years. With one of the first ESL programs in the country, and a rigorous college-prep and middle school program, NMH offers tremendous educational opportunities for students from a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Profile last updated: 05/10/2012

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